澳门正规赌博十大网站Day 25 Dumplings with friends from China and South America

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 It’s my third day to be here ,during the process ,I’ve met a lot of
people who come from different countries .like letica ,a French
.Carolina ,a Germany .yuji a Japanese .That’s the kind of person I
admire .

11 Mar 2017                Saturday

New country, new university,new opportunities

Letica ,who has been to China twice .What impressed me was that she
travel along .Just like what I’m doing now .you can imagine the picture
that travel along with a tent .that kind of life is what I dream to live
,But no dare to do .We talked a lot ,about travel ,work ,life and so on
.Her experience has demonstrated that there are someone who live the
life in the way that you hope and expect. This is my first time to go
out of the province for traveling .It’s quite fantastic .Talk with
different people is a way to broaden your horizons ,what is the reason
why I come here .

Melina and Felipe,one couple coming from Peru and Uruguay,are really
nice.We first met at Green Planet’s night shift.The first day we went
there for work,but we had no car returning.So we can go with them and
return.This Friday was the last day they worked at the Green
Planet.Maybe Monday,they will leave Hastings and go north to do the kiwi
packhouse’s job.

Good morning everyone!

Life is bitter ,it won’t satisfy anyone except itself .But there must be
someone lives happily .If you are not ,keep looking .my suggestion is
that travel is the best way .we can know what does this world look like
on earth .

Felipe,29 years old and Melina,26 years old are vegans 【Actually I know
this word today】.So they don’t eat meat and even eggs.Felipe began to
be vegan from 25 years old.As for Melina,she became to be vegan after
she knew Felipe.They just thought it’s more healthy and people can
obtain or acquire the protein from the vegetable.At the same time,I
asked my classical question——What do you think about China?Just say
some words of your impression about China.First of all,they told me that
Chinese work really hard and it has a long history.As for Uruguay,there
are about 200 years for their history.

It is a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Janka, I came from Hungary
and I would like to say a few words in the name of 2017 international

But what’s the meaning of it ?I saw a sentence before ,”Do some
significant thing with the Interesting people “It had inspired me to
come here ,Thanks to myself ,I can see the scenery here and It’s quite
amazing .As what I showed Yesterday ,the water is so clear that you can
see the bottom .the mountain or hill is so nice as well ,I can not
describe the scenery with my Limited vocabulary .In a word ,you can
experience it.

At the same time,after the journey of New Zealand,they will go to
China,they would like to ride a bike to travel around.But I just told
them,public transport,just like bus,subway and trains is very
convenient.For this factor,I love China.My country,I miss you.This is no
car in New Zealand,this is no foot.As for the reasons to China,they want
to join the party which resists the Dog Meat festival.Actually,I hate
those people who eat dog meat.But when you think about the difference
between the pork,beef and dog meat.There is no difference.It really
depends on the mind of people.You can eat it,but please don’t eat it
before me.I love dogs.So I have special feeling for dogs.

Why are we here? Why are we in China? What do we expect?

 Well ,Tell something About Carolina .In the first sight I’m shocked by
her height .She is 1.83 meters high .So passionate and be curious about
the things in China .She is still a student in a great university ,and
she has been stayed in China for several months .To me a Great surprise
is that majored in Chinese !But she is not satisfied with the measures
that the chinese government has taken to develop the economic by pushing
the old constructions down .We went back by taking a boat .the driver
told us that it will cost us 20 minutes to get our destination
.eventually ,it cost us 1 hour to get there .This is nothing compared
with the whole journal .I got up at 5:40yesterday ,which is to see the
sunrise .the process to get there is really terrible ,But we got a great
reward .That’s really nice .Then we walked to the fish village ,the road
is hard to find and cross ,but It’s a kind of experience .

Besides,when talking about the traditional value of life,it is a little
same in China and Uruguay.Adult will leave their family at maybe 24 to
30.And the university where Felipe got in before is quite close to his
house.So he has no idea about dormitory and always stays at the house of
their parents.After study of university,some friends of Felipe would get
a loan from bank to buy a house and then work hard to pay for the
loan.It is quite same between Uruguay and China. As for the
dishes,people usually eat rice.

We all have reasons for coming to this school, for coming to SUSTech,
and some of these reasons are probably similar for all the students
here. We came to learn, and to improve using all the opportunities
provided. We came to challenge ourselves. But for me as an international
student this challenge may be different. I wont say harder, though maybe
I could, but very very different.

    The third person is a Japanese .polite and loyal .came here along
,can not speak chinese but a little English .and I know the reason why
Japanese speak the worst English in this word .They have a lot of
difficulties to overcome ,But with the help of the translation APP
,there are not too much problems between us .But in this case ,he still
got here,That’s what I Admire .

Now that talking about the food,it’s really delicious of the dumplings
and some dishes.At this moment,I love Chinese food.Sorry,I didn’t take a
picture yet.But I really enjoyed it.But at the same time,some friends
were enjoying their Hot Pot.It’s a pity.

This is China. I didnt say anything new now, did I? But these three
words mean I am in a whole different country, on a whole different
continent. The language I cannot understand, the culture I cannot
comprehend, and the weather I cannot stand. Yet. But I want to. And
thats why Im here. Not only to learn biology and chemistry, physics and
finance, but to learn about this little part of the world. The question
for me was never really why. But why not? Why not use this chance, why
not try something Ive never tried before. Frankly, I couldnt find enough
reasons not to come.

     During These three days ,I’ve seen a lot of people ,I Recognize
that there are someone who lives in the way that I want .Enough .

By the way,working holiday really widen the whole world of our life.When
I asked the impression of China to Felipe,he asked the same question.But
actually,I thought for a long time,I had no ideas about countries of
South America.Maybe Brazil is more famous.But for the other countries,I
am so sorry about that.But I really want to experience different culture
of different countries.When Felipe talking about his friends getting
loan to buy a house,I just wanted to say,without the house,you have the
whole of world.At my college,I usually learned the history of America
and western countries,but I seldom tried to learn the history of
Southeast of Asia and South and Central America.After my coming New
Zealand,I have so many friends from Malaysia and South America.So I try
to learn the history and knowledge about them.I really want to travell
all over the world.Maybe next destination will be Australia ,southeast
Asia.But the country I want to go to most is Germany.I have met three
boys all coming from Germany who are all tall,goodlooking and most
importantly,their pronunce of English is quite accurate.And they are
creative and independent.

Ive always been fascinated by Chinese history and food, and customs, but
not only that. This is a developing country. And I mean literally. We
all know how big, or should I say small this settlement was, only a few
decades ago. Look at it now! Is it so surprising that we want to be part
of it? That we want to be part of the developing China?


So good night!

My impression of this country hasnt changed much since Ive arrived here.
The labels are still confusing and people still have black hair, small
stature and beautiful eyes. But I could have never guessed how welcoming
this place will be. Now, i dont know about any other city, but Shenzhen
has been waiting for us with open arms. Our peer mentors are amazing,
the children are waving at me, people on campus are going around
smiling, and even the ones who do not speak good English are willing to

Still, I dont really know what to expect in the next four years. Hard
work? Yes. A few sleepless nights? Definitely. I think I expect this to
be worth it in the end. The freedom of choice, the amazing teaching
buildings, the labs and our professors will make sure of it.